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myself up at the raft out there. >> norton and the woman clung to the raft until help arrived. the woman is expected to recover. >>> just ahead, lending helping hand this holiday season. >> as we count down to christmas, it isn't just retail that's booming. the other bfs that is heating up this holiday season. >> more rain is heading our way, meteorologist leigh glaser is up next. >> mike: we have two local teams par fating in bowl games, stanford at the rose bowl, and san jose state at the military bowl. we'll have a preview of both later >> ama: a holiday tradition of giving continued today in san francisco. outside the st. anthony's foundation a tent was set up for curbside donation. there was also a donation of hand knitted scarfs and soks. >> san francisco's glide memorial church handed out almost 10,000 toys today. this year the giants partnered with glide. glide says the need for the toy giveaway is greater than ever this you're. >> with christmas nearly upon us friends and family are pouring into up to and if your house is not ready for company, you're not alone. the holidays are
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1